• Empowering Women Through Academic Excellence.


  • To Achieve Social Equality As A Prerequisite For Women's Emancipation.
  • To Promote More Cultural Space For Women To Foster A Distinctive Identity Of Their Own.
  • To Sensitize Women Towards Our Rich Cultural Inheritance.
  • To Make Women Globally Competent By Acquiring Good Communication Skill.
  • To Develop The College Into One Of The Top Ten Institutions Of Learning In India.

Goals And Objectives

  • To Develop The College With Potential For Excellence.
  • To Improve Upon Teaching And Learning Components.
  • To Motivate Students To Adapt Themselves To The Contemporary Globally Competitive Scenario.
  • To Empower Women Through Education & Arm Them With Social Values & Ethics Sphere Of Life.
  • To Establish More Postgraduate Courses And Research Centre.
  • To Introduce More Innovative Programs I N Undergraduate Courses.
  • To Make All Students To Learn One Add On Course Compulsorily.
  • To Inculcate Moral Values And Social Ethics Among The Students.
  • To Give More Importance To Healthy Practices.
  • To Strengthen The Placement Cell.
  • To Strengthen The Link Between The College And Its Stakeholders.
  • To Convert Chalk And Talk Method Of Teaching Into Modern Methods.